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Welcome to Rosner Soap

Handcrafted All-Natural Soap and Body Products

Our Signature Olive Oil Soap

Our handcrafted cold process Olive Oil Soaps are the skin-loving favorite. Nourishing and full of beneficial essential oils, organic herbs and botanicals, they are all-natural, detergent free and absolutely pure.


Vegan Glycerin Soap

Our pure glycerin bars and ovals make wonderful moisturizing bath and shower bars. Delightfully aromatic, they are all-natural and made with the highest quality 100% pure vegetable glycerin soap base.


Hand Milled Soap

Our most luxurious bar of soap, Hand Milled bars impart a creamy lather that is smooth and moisturizing. Their hardness results in a longer lasting bar, and their rustic hand cut shape make this soap truly unique.


Loofah Soaps

Combining the aromatic and curative qualities of our essential oils with the wonderfully exfoliating and invigorating attributes of the loofah plant.


Body Care

Our all-natural body care products are made in small batches with only the highest quality ingredients to promote radiant, nourishing skin health.


Gift Sets

Our gift sets are a lovely way to introduce family and friends to healthy, all-natural skin care. A thoughtful gift to give that pampers the recipient.


Commitment to Quality

Our purpose is to supply quality products made of pure, all natural and organic ingredients best suited for the skin

Rosner soaps are the essence of quality… they are of the highest quality… Do not miss experiencing a Rosner Soap product.

Stephen Z.

…the highest quality skin products that I have ever used. My skin not only feels clean and refreshed, but also nourished and deeply moisturized.

Claire T.

Simply the best! I love the creaminess of their olive oil soaps, and the uplifting combinations of scents… A treat for the senses every day!

Paula A.

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