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One business, two families

Over two decades have passed since Kiki & Yaron Rosner made the decision to come to the United States and open Rosner Soap; to move their family around the world and leave behind everything that was familiar to them. Taking a leap of faith, they believed they were given a sign on the eve of their departure that they made the right decision. The cactus became the emblem of that sign - the symbol of Rosner Soap - and would adorn each bar for more than 20 years.

As with all things, history repeats itself with the passing of Rosner Soap to Kat and Brian Parrella. In a whirlwind of activity, the two families worked together through the summer of 2020 to transfer Rosner to new owners, and give it life in a new home next door. One of the last tasks was to move the established Sage bushes - the very same plants which the Rosners had used to adorn the Red Desert soap for years. The move wasn't far - just 50 feet - from the Rosner garden to their new home in the Parrella’s garden, but it felt significant. Carefully the plants were set into the ground and tended to until winter came. Months would need to pass until they would know if the plants had survived.

Spring came and with it new shoots and flowers emerged from the beloved Sage bushes. Both plants had survived the long, snowy winter and began to flourish in their new garden.

Believing in symbols, just as the Rosner’s had, Kat and Brian knew that the Sage were a sign that they too had taken a leap of faith, and had made the right decision. They believe the Rosner’s transplanted Sage taking root and thriving in their garden is their sign and should be honored too.

Just as Kiki and Yaron had.

And so, Rosner Soap continues today, adorned with Sage leaves in their logo; a symbol of continuity, of love for what they do, and in honor of the artisans that came before them.