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All Natural Olive Oil Soap

Our all natural olive oil soaps are a combination of saponified olive, coconut, and sustainably harvested organic palm oil, scented with pure essential oils. All botanicals added to the soap are certified organic. In the tradition of skilled artisans, we handcraft our soap one small batch at a time. The ingredients are mixed, poured into wooden molds, hand cut, and set to cure for a minimum of 30 days. Our handcrafted manufacturing produces a soap with a rich glycerin base, every bar is individually cut, trimmed and wrapped- emphasizing our challenge to deliver a consistently pure, high quality product. All bars are 3oz.

Castille - 100% Pure Olive Oil Soap for Sensitive Skin
Ginger Shampoo Bar
Grapefruit - All Natural Face Cleansing Soap
Green Tea With Organic Young Hyson Tea Leaves
Honeysuckle - All Natural Delicately Floral Soap
Kalahari - All Natural Soap, A Favorite for Men
Lavender - All Natural Soap, Handmade, Essential Oil Soap,
Lemongrass With Organic Oats
Litsea - All Natural Astringent Soap
Palmarosa with Organic Calendula Flowers
Patchouli - All Natural Soap
Peppermint & Tea tree - All Natural Exfoliant Soap
Red Desert Facial Bar- All Natural Geranium & Sage Soap
Rose & Black Tea - All Natural, Classic Floral Soap
Rosner Blend - with Organic Calendula Flowers
Seaweed Soap - All Natural, Exfoliant Soap
Spruce and Lime - All Natural and Grounding
Sweet Almond - All Natural and Aromatic Soap
The 5 Soap Pack- Facial Essential Oil Bars
The Soap Loaf
The Soap Sachet