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Customers Comments

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"I love these soaps! I use to live in Greenwood Lake and moved to California in 2007. I missed the clean, pure, smell of Rosner soap. I was thrilled to find them on line and order regularly a supply to use. I know they make soaps in California but I find that Rosner lasts far longer and has no i un natural product to irritate my skin". D.M

"Your Face and Body Balm (I have used all three) has been my little winter miracle. Used as a daily body moisturizer, I could not believe that my skin was always soft and did not flake. Thank you for a great product." M.P

"Yours are the highest quality items I have ever used." S.H - FL

"The Insect repellent oil. This is the best product I've ever used to keep insects away. I love that it's all natural. You rock. :-)" F.A - FL

"Hi Kiki and Yaron, Hope this finds you both well and that business is good. You certainly deserve success. Your soaps are wonderful and no other kinds even compare to your quality. Thanks for using your skills to benefit so many! Stay warm and be safe and happy". J.H - CO

"Loved the green tea soap...have to have more!" R.B - N.Y

"I visited your place about 3 yrs ago. I brought home some soap and I haven't used anything else since! You make a wonderful product!" J.C -CA

"Love your soap! It lasts forever and is very emollient!" B.B - N.Y

"Thank you so much for the great soap & service! After one try my skin was normal again! No more dry itchy broken out skin! Oh what a great bar of soap will do. I was amazed that in the summer my skin doesn't even need moisturizer... just soap & water." D.R

"I absolutely love your products!! I feel so much better since I have been using them. Thank you so much!" J.T - N.J

"The quality and fragrance of the soaps cannot be topped. Each bar is wrapped very particularly, making it special for your own use or for a gift. I was delighted to find I could get the soaps without trekking up to Sugar Loaf! My order went out immediately and was received in perfect condition." C.J - N.Y

"I visited Sugar Loaf over the Columbus Day weekend and purchased several Rosner soaps at the time. They are unlike any soaps I've bought before. Their fragrance is incomparable. I'm looking forward to gifting these as Christmas gifts to special friends and family!" C.T - N.Y

"I love your products-- thanks for making bath time a treat! " C.G - MN

"We checked out your store, and after we got your soap, we couldn't wait until we went back to Sugar Loaf to get more". S.K - Whippany, N.J

"I absolutely LOVE the foot scrub! Best I've ever used!" L.B - N.Y

"This is the first winter I didn't have dry skin! Your soap is wonderful Thank you" Beverly Caldora - West Milford,N.J

"The Soaps are beautiful, I am completely addicted, The Family Shop is worth a visit!! " J. T. - Brooklyn, NY

"good stuff thanks very much" M.C - LEVITTOWN, NY

"It lathers yet leaves skin feeling free of residue, softens skin and has a pleasant refreshing scent. Great Soap at little cost" BB - Wenatchee, WA

"Soaps are divine! Shipment was quick!" S. d. I - Sidney, IN

"Once again, thank you for such wonderful products. The oil is delicious on my skin, and I have psoriasis and it helps. Thank you. Hope to visit you soon again." J.G. C - Carmel, NY.

"i cannot live without the soap & the precious oils, these products are the best by far." J.A - Monroe, NY.